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A Monitor Firmware Update Story Samsung SyncMaster 300 is reborn!

If your TV is not connected to the Internet or you prefer to install software/firmware updates locally, you have the option of doing this via USB. Almost every gadget you can buy nowadays includes firmware that can be upgraded. Firmware updates can cure problems, patch security flaws, improve functionality, and introduce new ones. As noted […]

What is the Latest Samsung TV Software Update? Answered 2023

If you are forced to purchase a new television, our experts recommend this Samsung QLED 4K model. We absolutely think this is a good product, because it is affordable and good quality. It contains the latest technology, in our opinion. Power Saver is a feature on Samsung TVs that helps you reduce energy usage. Essentially, […]

DO THIS Before Installing Samsung 980 Pro SSD Into PS5

Not deterred, I then used the “Live Chat” support on the Samsung website and quickly found out that you cannot upgrade the firmware from the Smart Hub. Samsung quietly released a new version (1051.2) of their Smart TV firmware on May 10. As it turned out, it was not as easy as I thought it […]

Does Samsung Smart TV Support Hotstar? Answered 2022 2023

New Data Saver mode, which can force apps to reduce bandwidth usage. Added the «Clear All» button to the Overview screen. Ability to switch to the last opened app by double-tapping the overview button. Unicode 9.0 emoji and skin tone modifier support . This can either mean that the updates keep happening repeatedly in too […]